We Are Proximity

Running your business is not easy.

We want to help you generate business insight and simplify your workflow by making sense of your data.


Web-based applications from Proximity enable you to make better decisions and work more effectively by optimizing your processes, allowing your business to be more efficient with a direct improvement to your bottom line.

The Story of Proximity

At the very heart of Proximity, you will find our CTO, Harald. It all began in 2011 after Harald and a few others left Halliburton to setup a division of the Oslo based company, IT Consult (ITC) in Stavanger, Norway.


Setup division of IT Consult in Stavanger, Norway


Independant Company ITC Applications was formed

As a close-knit group of highly attuned business professionals and passionate developers, we realized early on that we had more to offer than just consulting services. By combining our domain knowledge in oil and gas with our technical development skills, we could provide businesses with complete software solutions. We took a bold leap and formed the independent company, ITC applications.

The vision from the start was to establish a close and long term relationship with our customers to provide the best solutions to help our customers maximize the value of their data. So, in 2012 the company was renamed Proximity, meaning “nearness”, to reflect our values.


ITC Applications was renamed Proximity


ITC Applications was renamed Proximity

Today our purpose has never been more clear; We are a software company who create custom web-based solutions for business process optimization. Our focus is on creating applications with advanced functionality that enable businesses to make better decisions, work more effectively, and more cost efficient. We care about quality products and lasting relationships.


Our history is a winding road, but what has remained constant, is our mission to provide custom software solutions to solve tough business challenges.

Microsoft Partner

Silver Application Development

We are recognized and certified by Microsoft as a Silver Application Development Partner.

This certification demonstrates our proven expertise in delivering quality solutions in our area of business. It also gives us close to unlimited access to Microsoft tools and support resources to help serve you, our customers better.