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Getting the right person, to the right job, at the right time.

Perseus is our industry leading cloud-based scheduling and management application for projects and personnel.

This application is feature rich and provides you with the support you need for every phase of project management.

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Personnel Module

Scheduling and Management


  • Manpower Planning

    • Find personnel and allocate to a specific job
    • Based on competency and needs requirement
    • Fully customizable competency and needs requirements definitions
  • Personnel Overview

    • View availability and assignments of individuals
    • Assign personnel to jobs and monitor utilization
    • View and maintain competencies
    • View, store and maintain certifications with built-in notification of expiration
  • Individual Year Plan

    • Assign schedule, job or other activity to employees
    • Register travel and related booking information
    • Register part time periods and automatically calcualte variable cost
    • View and edit man year utilization calculations
  • Timesheet Management

    • Timesheet creation from scheduled plan
    • Timesheet recording
    • Automatically generate variable cost based on man-year plan or timesheet
    • Transfer of variable cost to payroll system for approval process



Having the right competency is critical when scheduling personnel for work that requires a specific skill set.

Perseus lets you, the customer, define and specify what your requirements for competency are. Add your own job types with role specific requirements and competency levels, then use our powerful search engine to find the right resources based on availability, competency and your requirements.

Perseus not only registers competencies but can also store your personnel certifications and documents.

This flexible structure makes it easy to integrate Perseus with your existing systems and get the right person to the right job at the right time.

You can also extend Perseus with our CV module to create, maintain and update CV’s for all your personnel in one place and then export all or only selected relevant information to PDF with ease for tendering or other purposes.

Perseus ensures best practice for personnel scheduling by defining a need and allocates resources accordingly.

Read more about using Perseus as a Competency Management System

Perseus offers strong integration with external HR, Payroll and Logistics Systems.

We have integrated Perseus with several systems for our existing customers including Oracle’s PeopleSoft, SAP, Active Directory, Personic salary as well as Berg Hansen Travel Agencies. Get in touch to see what we can do for you.

Project Module

Project and Job Planning


  • Job Planning

    In Perseus everything can be customized. Take control over your project and set the:

    • Date, Time & Duration
    • Location or Facility (Rig, ship or land based location)
    • Country for Job or Job Owner (Multinational companies)
    • Customer Details
    • Job Type (User defined)
    • Activity Type (Offshore, Onshore, User defined)
    • Job Roles (User defined list)
    • Personnel and Competency requirements
    • And much more…
  • Job Overview

    Quickly get a handle on a project’s status with our dashboard overview including:

    • Key Project and Personnel Details
    • Who is on which job today?
    • List of who is available, unavailable or restricted
    • Personnel in transit: On the way to or from job
    • And more…
  • Job Plan

    Quickly get an overview of all ongoing and planned jobs with the Job Plan Schedule. This includes:

    • Listing of all jobs with key details
    • Overall Summary of requirements and assignments
    • Available personnel



For many offshore businesses, the cost of personnel is one of the largest expenses and even small improvements in utilization can have a big impact on the bottom line. Perseus has the possibility to define and focus on key performance indicators (KPI) for the utilization of personnel availability period and thus minimize the use of overtime. No other single measure provides greater impact on your bottom line.

Perseus can help you take control over the utilization of your personnel.


In order to reduce spending on overtime, you need control over your information on availability periods, required time off and overtime for your personnel. Effective documentation of your personnel utilization makes it easier to plan the proper staffing and ensures you have a full overview when critical questions must be answered, such as:

  • Is it more profitable to hire personnel during busy periods?
  • Is the activity steadily increasing or is there seasonality?
  • Is it more profitable to hire more personnel to reduce the use of overtime?
  • Should personnel be transferred temporarily or permanently across departments?

Perseus quickly provides you with accurate and complete information that you need, to make smart, informed decisions and help reduce your costs.

Perseus has excellent help and support.

All our applications use JIRA Service Desk by Atlassian to ensure our customers have the very best help available.

More Modules, More Features

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  • Activity

    • Activity and schedule list
    • Man-Year overview
    • Calculation of man-year hours
  • Utilization

    • Personnel utilization by department
  • Emergency

    • Personnel on Board (POB)
    • Next of Kin (NOK)

Perseus comes with a set of built-in reports that can easily be exported to Excel or PDF format. The system can also be extended with customer-specific reports.


  • Travel Planning

    • Integration with travel Agency
    • Flight times and travel status
  • Expense Tracking

    • Track Receipts and Invoices
  • Payroll Integration

    • Receive, approve and post travel cost when ticket is created
    • Control against invoice from card company automatically


  • Timesheet

    • Create timesheet from year plan or manually
    • maintain time and variable cost
  • Variable Cost

    • Create variable cost sheet from plan or timesheet
    • Automatically transfer variable cost to payroll
  • Approval System

    • 3 level approval of variable cost based on system roles

What more can we say?


Perseus allows you to create and update your own predefined competency requirements for Customers, Facilities, Job Types and Job Roles as well as create and maintain highly flexible schedules for jobs, activities and personnel.

Software as a Service

Perseus is delivered as a Software Service (SaaS) and runs without any requirement for customer owned servers or databases. The solution runs on Windows Azure – the market-leading platform for cloud services from Microsoft Online Services. The customer only needs a PC or tablet with an Internet connection and most modern browsers are supported. Single Sign-on is available by integration with the customer’s Active Directory services.

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Note: The current version of this document is Norwegian but the English version is coming soon!

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