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Whether you are a drilling contractor, operator or oil field service company operating upstream, Our products are designed to enable you to manage your operations while maximizing the utilization of your personnel, equipment and assets. 

We also provide management tools to support maritime port logistics, production management as well as property management. 

No matter where you operate, our cloud-based products are built specifically for you, so you can maximize the value of your data and focus on your bottom line.

Getting the right person, to the right job, at the right time.


Perseus optimizes your data, giving you actionable insights on your corporate operations to ensure you are making the smartest decisions, in the shortest time frame, with the best available information.

With Perseus, we have developed one of the most modern and flexible, industry leading systems for project and personnel management.

The solution was developed for the management of offshore personnel, so it natively supports planning of complex rotation schemes and shift schedules but it is also easily adapted to other industries with less rigorous demands.

The system can also schedule staffing for projects according to competence and resource requirements and is equipped with advanced analysis and planning capabilities for more efficient operations.

Perseus ensures that Personnel Coordinators and Project Managers have the overview they need to ensure that personnel needs in projects are covered and that operators hold the right skills.

  • Personnel Management

    • Manpower Planning
    • Rotation Scheduling
    • Personnel Overview
  • Project Management

    • Job Planning and Overview
    • Integration with HR and Payroll Systems
    • Travel Planning and Reporting
  • System Maintenance

    Predefined competency requirements for:

    • Customers and Facilities (Rigs), Job Types and Roles
    • Automated Variable Cost calculations for Job Roles and Activities
    • Highly flexible Scheduling

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Keep your harbor in ship shape, with Smart Terminal.


A Terminal Operating System can track cargo in and out of a port. With SmartTerminal, you can do so much more.

See how easy Gate Moves are with Smart Terminal

Your port is a key part of the supply chain so it is critical that you can plan your workload, efficiently monitor the flow of products in, out and around the terminal and get up to the minute information that allows for more timely and cost-effective decision making.

SmartTerminal enables you to make better use of your assets, labor and equipment.  The system can be configured with your business rules, is tailored for container as well as general cargo and handles all terminal operations information to ensures optimal flow of goods, lowering cost and with minimal impact on the environment.

We developed our market leading Terminal Operating System (TOS) with strong involvement from users with extensive industry experience and in close cooperation with Westport and Innovation Norway to meet the demands for a better TOS.

SmartTerminal ensures that base operators have the necessary information available via their mobile terminals, eliminating the use of paper forms and lists as well as ensuring optimal operation for each terminal.

  • Shipping Types

    SmartTerminal can handle many types of shipments including:

    • Container
    • General Cargo
    • Bulk Cargo
    • Roll On / Roll Off (Ro/Ro)
  • Terminal Activities

    Full support for terminal activities including:

    • Planning Port Call (equipment and personnel)
    • Cargo Loading / Unloading
    • Goods moving in / out of the terminal
    • Work Orders (create and maintain)
    • Handling Dangerous Goods
    • Temperature Control for containers and cargo
    • Damage Reporting
  • Logistics Center

    Your logistic nightmares are a breeze with SmartTerminal:

    • Activity-based Invoicing
    • Customs Treatment
    • Rental Calculations
    • KPI Reporting
  • System Integration

    SmartTerminal closely integrates with:

    • Shiplog to enable planning of port calls
    • Most shipping companies for standard messaging
    • Automated gate systems to register transport information

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Rental property management, made simple.


Clavis helps you simplify how you manage your portfolio to get the most value out of your real estate.

Clavis is our web-based application to help you simplify your rental property management.

Our solution allows you to automate complex calculations related to cost allocation, VAT settlement and shared cost saving you time to help you get the most value out of your real estate.

There are also powerful analysis tools to help you gain insight into expenses, occupancy and building performance, providing you with a holistic view of your assets and enabling you to maintain a stable performance as well as efficiently manage your portfolio in alignment with your business strategy.

With Clavis, we have developed one of the industry’s most modern and flexible systems for efficient management of rental property for the Norwegian market.


    • Manage multiple companies and
    • Multiple properties per company
  • Project Management

    • Generate and Manage Incoming and Outgoing Invoices
    • Manage your Lease Agreements
    • Distribution of joint cost and VAT in accordance with regulations

    • Gain insight into expenses
    • Calculate and analyze occupancy
    • Assess building performance
    • Increase efficiency