Procyon provides increased efficiency in relation to the production of equipment and components. Procyon is a management / quality tool for production and service.

The system should provide a simplification to documentation and procedures.

Procyon has shown that it can significantly reduce manual processes and increase the quality of a service or production.

Procyon interacts with the company’s supplier network.

Who is it for?

Procyon is for companies that carry out production and service of equipment. Who wants a system that is flexible and easy for users, which focuses on procedures and quality of work perform. Who wants an increased efficiency around procedural treatment, documentation packages and supplier interaction.

Proximity Procyon


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Procyon contains

ERP integration

In cases where companies have systems for – purchase order, materials, pick-up list, service order and production order, we integrate this inside Procyon.

Supplier side / interaction

Each supplier gets a separate page where they upload the products, but procedures and documentation on each component.

Goods receipt order

Each reception is confirmed in the goods receipt whether it is from component suppliers or equipment that is to be serviced.

Procedure service / production

Each equipment that is manufactured or serviced is made in relation to the procedures registered in the system. If the procedures are changed, the employee is informed and must be introduced and approved for training new change in the procedure.


All testing routines are done according to the template. In case of errors, this is registered.

Product documentation

The documentation on a product or service can be performed at the touch of a button.

Service interval analytics

During production, each component is registered with duration, and during service maintenance, components that are replaced are registered.
This means that the company knows when something should be replaced, and it is easier to ensure that the supplier delivers a given product by quality.
For the end customer of the company, this results in a high level of satisfaction and predictability, with some also increasing the increase in sales to the company.


Proximity is a software company based in Stavanger, Norway.

We are a small group of business professionals and passionate developers.

We make custom web-based applications delivered to our customers as software services (SaaS). Our market leading products are feature-rich and bursting with advanced functionality.

Our main competency lies in logistics, management and the optimization of business processes.

We cater mainly to the Oil and Maritime Port Industries, but we also have products to support Production Management, Property Management and more. Have a look at our Products and Services pages or get in contact to find out more.

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