Reduce delayes.
Automate workflows.
Take kontrol of your business.

The one constant for operating a business in any industry today is the increased pressure to be more resourceful. Companies are constantly looking for new ways to optimize productivity and cut expenses, to increase return on investment and minimize downtime while managing a high-risk environment.

There is no room for outdated, inaccurate or incomplete information.

Our market leading web applications deliver a comprehensive solution to integrate field operation and production data, management systems and operational intelligence.

Our software is the key to optimizing your business and getting the most value from your data.


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Optimize your business processes

With specially made cloud-based software from Proximity

Our products are developed as web-based applications and come with software as a service (SaaS). The solutions run on Windows Azure, a market-leading cloud platform from Microsoft.
As a customer choosing a cloud-based solution eliminates the need for local servers or software installation.

The entire system goes through a standard web browser. Server capacity can easily be scaled up or down based on usage patterns and data volume as needed, and all operational routines such as system backups, version upgrades, etc. are handled by the vendor so you can focus on your business.

Modular product platform

Our vision is to optimize the value of customer data

To achieve this, we are convinced that systems should be able to share data. Then, those involved in the business processes can communicate effectively.

Our systems are developed on a modular platform so that data can be shared between the players in the processes and so that the right person basically gets the data she needs. Our systems integrate with other systems to maximize the value of existing data. Our goal is always that data is recorded only one place.

Sharing data makes it easier to see the big picture, and to identify bottlenecks – gain better insight into one’s own processes and further carry out continuous improvements.


Proximity is a software company based in Stavanger, Norway.

We are a small group of business professionals and passionate developers.

We make custom web-based applications delivered to our customers as software services (SaaS). Our market leading products are feature-rich and bursting with advanced functionality.

Our main competency lies in logistics, management and the optimization of business processes.

We cater mainly to the Oil and Maritime Port Industries, but we also have products to support Production Management, Property Management and more. Have a look at our Products and Services pages or get in contact to find out more.

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We arecertified Microsoft Silver Application Development Partner.

This certification demonstrates our proven expertise in delivering quality solutions in our area of business and gives us close to unlimited access to Microsoft tools and support resources to help serve customers better.