Complete HR system designed for coordinators and operational personnel. Perseus is our system for planning work rotations.

With long industry experience and strong user involvement, we have developed one of the industry’s most modern and flexible systems for personnel management. Perseus supports staffing of projects according to competence and resource needs, as well as planning of complex rotation schemes and shift plans. Perseus lifts the subject personnel planning to a whole new level, and by using the system’s advanced opportunities for analysis and planning, operations are streamlined.

Perseus provides full overview of all available personnel, their competence and utilization rate at all times. Data is presented in clear screens showing ongoing activities and allocated personnel in real time.

Personnel coordinator and project managers have the overview they need to ensure that the personnel needs in projects are covered and that the operators possess the right expertise.

Proximity Perseus


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Increased utilization
of the workforce

For many offshore companies, personnel costs are one of the largest expenditure items where even small improvements in utilization rate have a great effect on the bottom line.

In Perseus, the company has the opportunity to define and focus on central target figures (CPIs) for utilization of personnel during available periods, and thus minimize the use of overtime.

How and why increases the utilization rate with Perseus:

  • By ensuring that you have the right expertise on the right assignment at the right time
  • Offers search for personnel across competence requirements
    and availability
  • Assembly of needs and availability simplifies planning
  • Less use of personnel on free periods (overtime)
  • Less overtime due to exhausted man-years

Decision support

Less overtime, reduced diet, no illegal overtime.

Better control over laid off and available periods means less overtime, reduced cost and the company avoids the use of illegal overtime.

Effective staff utilization documentation makes it easier to plan the proper staffing and provides full overview when answering critical questions:

  • Is it more profitable to hire personnel in hectic periods?
  • Is activity steadily increasing or is it seasonal variation?
  • Is it more profitable to hire more people to reduce the use of overtime?
  • By viewing the activity across departments one can consider whether personnel can be transferred temporarily or permanently.


Additional modules can be offered

  • CV Module

  • Timelines with AML reporting

  • Creation of timesheet from plan

  • Generation of variable diet based on plan or time list

  • Transfer of variable cost to payroll system with approval process

  • Integration with travel agency

  • SMS and email notification to employees about travel


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