Beyond Analytics: Optimizing HR Data

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HR + Analytics =

Positive impact on your bottom line

The connection between HR and Analytics might not be immediately obvious but it could have a huge impact your bottom line.

Today, businesses rely on big data to drive most investment decisions. So, as a company, doesn’t it just make sense to leverage your own data to optimize your biggest resource: your people.

Analytics can help your business make smarter decisions in all areas of HR including staffing, training, compensation, retention and engagement. It can also help HR departments to better manage talent, improve operations and even to create a competitive advantage.

Applications of HR analytics

According to John Hausknecht, associate professor of Human Resource Studies at Cornell University’s ILR School and co-faculty director of its Human Capital Development program, there are three popular applications of HR analytics:

  1. Workforce Planning

Analyzing current organizational talent and future needs, anticipating employee exits and optimizing staffing levels for the future.

  1. Attrition and Retention

Building predictive models that help forecast costly employee turnover, as well as correlate turnover rates with operational and financial performance.

  1. Recruitment and Selection

Examining the value of pre-hire data and analyzing recruitment channels to identify the best sources of new recruits.

Secure. Integrated. Cloud-based.

Now if only there was a secure, cloud-based app that integrated with your existing systems to facilitate all this and give you actionable insights on your corporate operations to ensure you are making the smartest decisions, in the shortest time frame, with the best available information…

Say hello to Perseus

At Proximity, we have developed one of the most modern and flexible, industry leading systems for project and personnel management.


Having the right competency is critical when scheduling personnel for work that requires a specific skill set. Perseus ensures best practice for personnel scheduling by defining a need and allocates resources accordingly.

Workforce Planning, Attrition and Retention

Perseus boasts many features such as manpower planning, personnel overview, individual year plans and timesheet management but it also offers strong integration with external HR, Payroll and Logistics Systems to share data across departments to automate workflows and reduce delays.

Recruitment and Selection

Perseus also has a skill-gap analysis tool to quickly help you visualize what skills your company or department have, or are lacking.

Increased Workforce Utilization

For many offshore businesses, the cost of personnel is one of the largest expenses and even small improvements in utilization can have a big impact on the bottom line. Perseus makes it possible to define and focus on key performance indicators (KPIs) for the utilization of personnel availability period and thus minimize the use of overtime. No other single measure provides greater impact on your bottom line.

At Proximity, we understand the impact HR can have on business objectives.

Perseus makes this insight available to your business, enabling you to optimize your HR data and take control of your business.


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